The Different Types of Bearings: A Buyer’s Guide for Online Purchases

For machinery and equipment to operate properly, the right bearings are key components transferring load, reducing friction and enabling smooth motion. With bearings for every rotating application imaginable, how do you know what type your project requires? This guide breaks down common bearing varieties to inform your online purchases.

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Ball Bearings 

One of the most common basic varieties, ball bearings consist of freely rotating metal balls sandwiched between inner and outer races, distributing loads evenly. Together these components reduce friction during linear motion or rotation. Ball bearing types include:

- Deep groove - versatile handling moderate speeds and loads, these work in almost any direction
- Angular contact – handling combined loads, these skew balls for enhanced alignment 
- Thrust - absorbing axial loads, these deploy balls perpendicular to thrust faces

Ball bearings suit most general industrial applications from conveyors to electric motors, pumps, compressors and presses handling moderate stresses. Specify load direction, precision grade and seals to select the right ball bearing.

Roller Bearings  

Featuring cylinder or tapered rollers between races distributing heavier loads with less friction, roller bearings excel when coping with vibration and impact too. Common options include:  

- Cylindrical - compactly handling purely radial loads
- Tapered – suited to combined loads with tapered rollers
- Spherical - enabling adjustment through three planes
- Thrust – using rollers and washers for one-direction axial loads  

From gearboxes and transmissions to turbines, large fans, railway axles, rolling mills and machine tools, roller bearings manage substantial stresses and shocks. Confirm physical capacities plus directional loads when specifying.

Plain Bearings

Also called sleeve bearings or bushings, these enable rotational or linear shaft motion via a plain cylindrical lining with no rolling elements. Offering quiet operation, plain bearings suit precision machinery vulnerable to vibration from balls or rollers. Sub-varieties include:

- Plastic plain – polymer composites like nylon or acetal, often flanged 
- Metal plain - cast iron, cast bronze or powdered metal
- Plain thrust – distributing axial loads along a housing  

Besides their vibration dampening, plain bearings offer affordable low-speed low-load solutions for applications like solenoids, linkages, pivots and small electric motors. Define directional load limits when selecting. 
Specialised Bearing Solutions

Key Bearing Specifications 

Whether choosing off-the-shelf or custom bearings, critical details include:

Inside Diameter (ID) – matching shaft fit
Outside Diameter (OD) – fitting housing bore 
Thickness – occupying available space along shaft
Series Size – optimising internal geometry for loads 
Precision Grade – meeting accuracy and vibration needs
Sealing Options – protecting interiors from contaminants
Lubrication Types – facilitating friction reduction 

Refer to machinery diagrams or existing bearings to identify replacements matching all spatial, load and environmental specs.

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