Types of Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings are rotary bearings specifically designed to support an axial load. That said, there are many different types depending on the load they are designed to support, such as cylindrical roller, needle roller, single direction, and spherical roller thrust bearings. Whether you need help selecting the right type for your application or have questions about how they function, we've covered some of the most common types below.


Cylindrical Roller

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are designed to support heavy axial loads and can withstand high speeds. They consist of cylindrical rollers arranged in a row with a spacer between them. The rollers are slightly crowned so they can roll freely even if the shaft is not perfectly aligned.


Needle Roller

Needle roller thrust bearings are similar to cylindrical roller thrust bearings but have needle-shaped rollers instead of cylindrical ones. These bearings can support higher loads than cylindrical roller thrust bearings, but they cannot withstand very high speeds. They make use of minimal axial space and produce high axial load capacities.


Spherical Roller

Spherical roller thrust bearings can support heavy axial loads, and they are self-aligning, making easy work of accommodating misalignment. These thrust bearings feature spherical rollers and are very well suited for heavy-duty industrial applications whilst they are low maintenance, thanks to the low coefficient of friction.


Single Direction

Single direction thrust ball bearings consist of a row of balls arranged between two washers (a top and bottom one). The bottom washer is attached to the shaft, while the top one holds the assembly together. As the name suggests, they accommodate axial thrust loads in one direction.


Thrust ball bearings

Thrust ball bearings can be used in low thrust applications where there is little axial load, and they are available in imperial and metric sizes. By supporting the axial thrust of both horizontal and vertical shafts, the shaft does not drift in the axial direction. Thrust bearings are used in applications where high axial loads are present, such as wind turbines, pumps and compressors.


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